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On our mission to bring the Peruvian essence to the whole world, the crucial work takes place in our workshops in Peru. In every pair of INKAICOs there is a love for detail that is only possible through the centuries-old traditions of the Artesanos - the Peruvian craftsmen. Our unisex shoes are designed in Berlin and 100 are handcrafted in Peru. Absolutely everything on our shoes, from the textiles, the soles to the laces, are made in our Peruvian workshops. The assembly of the shoe takes place in Lima, while our unique fabrics, which are the heart of our shoes, are woven in the Andean mountain regions of Peru..

In our endeavor to act and produce as ethically as possible, we visit our workshops regularly and guarantee a payment that is well above the minimum income. With every purchase you support the increasing quality of life in Peru. Since our fabrics are mainly manufactured in the mountainous regions, a large part of the purchase price goes to these poorer regions of Peru and contributes to local development.

In addition to the global harmonization of living conditions, we want to maintain the demand for the beautiful fabrics decorated with Inca patterns and thus protect the centuries-old handicraft traditions.

The most moving moments in our development are those in which we see the pride of our Artesanos when they realize that their art is so much appreciated and loved by people like you.



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