The real magic and crucial work happen in our workshops in Peru and Columbia. Every pair of INKAICOs is made with great attention to detail, which is only possible thanks to the centuries-old traditions of the Artesanos – the Peruvian and Colombian craftsmen.

But what actually happens where?

PERU: Production of our unique fabrics woven in the Andean mountain regions of Peru, and is thus the home of our shoes.

COLOMBIA: Assembling of the shoes and manufacturing the natural rubber soles.

BERLIN: Concept, design & logistical planning.

We want our products to be as ethically produced as possible, which is why we visit our workshops on a regular basis. The payment that we guarantee and to which you make a decisive contribution by buying our shoes is considerably higher than the local minimum wage.

Every purchase you make helps to improve the quality of life in Latin America. Since the production of our fabrics takes place mainly in the mountainous regions, a large part of the purchase price flows into these poorer regions of Peru and contributes to local development.

Handgemachte Sneakers. Inkaico


In addition to fair wages and working conditions, the demand for our shoes – and therefore your purchase – simultaneously secures the demand for centuries-old fabrics. As a result, you make a vital contribution to the preservation of this unique handcraft tradition.


It took 2 years, 7 workshops and 11 fabric samples until we found passionate partners who could lovingly make the shoes we have been dreaming of for so long.

The sneakers that you can buy from us today not only impress with their eye-catching design; they also exude precise handwork and top-quality workmanship.

Handgemachte Schuhe. Inkaico
Handgemachte Schuhe. Inkaico


We have injected the joie de vivre and energy of Latin America into every single one of our shoes. It is now up to you to bring them to the streets of the world.

Have fun!

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